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Save Time & Money: Sustainable Cleaning Practices to Reduce Labor Costs

Published on March 1,2023 


If you manage a business and need to save time and money on cleaning, then you’ve come to the right place.ICS Clean will guide you through some tips and products to achieve a better cost saving through essential cleaning practices. We can all agree, cleaning is an essential part of any business from production to customer service. Cleaning is an expense that gives you no return on investment—unless you can increase productivity, cut costs, and reduce labor costs. That’s why sustainable cleaning practices are so important for managing your business’s bottom line. At ICS Clean, sustainability is our focused initiative from our internal business practices to our manufacturing partners and consumer.

One may think that reducing costs means sacrificing quality or efficiency, but that’s not always true, especially by using ICS Cleans’ top quality products. In this article, we’ll show you how proper cleaning practices can be sustainable while still providing excellent results.

Why Sustainable Cleaning Is Vital

You may have heard the term “sustainable cleaning”, especially throughout our website, but what does it really mean? Sustainable cleaning is the practice of using environmentally friendly products and practices to reduce labor costs, save time, and protect human health while cleaning.

Making sure your cleaning process is sustainable is key to cutting labor costs in the long run. Properly using environmentally friendly products and practices helps to reduce water use, decrease waste production, and increase efficiency. This can also help to reduce costs by avoiding the need for more frequent cleanings with harsher chemicals. Most consumers want to cut costs in the short terms by buying the cheapest cleaning equipment and chemicals which actually has the opposite effect on efficiency. For instance, most “cheaper” chemical choices will actually have a lesser dilution rate, and not provide as effective results as a better quality product. This, results in more product being purchased overtime and a need to re-clean areas which will drive up your labor costs and long term budgets.

A sustainable cleaning process should consider all aspects of the clean, from how the job is performed to how often it needs to be done. For example, selecting a product that provides long-term cleaning power and is easy to use can save time in the short term. Additionally, more efficient methods of application such as sprayers or wet wiping can save on chemical usage while taking less time overall.

Start With Sustainable Cleaning Products

The way to save time and money on cleaning starts with the products you’re using. If you’re stocking up on disposable items like paper towels and sponges, you’re wasting a lot of money—and creating more waste than necessary. Instead, look for reusable cleaning tools like cotton cloths and microfiber cloths. Not only will this help reduce your labor costs, but it’s also an easy way to make your business more sustainable. 

When it comes to cleaning products, be sure to choose green products whenever possible. This will not only help protect the environment, but it can also save you money in the long run. Most products at ICS Clean have been designed for the environment, which means they comprise of the highest certifications and eco-standards. Here, you will find some of our outstanding cleaning chemical recommendations.

How To Implement Efficient Cleaning Practices

Investing in the right tools and implementing efficient cleaning practices can help save lots of time and money. Here are a few ways ICS Clean recommends your company implement efficiency to save money.

Streamline Your Processes

Having a clear idea of what needs to be done and how it should be done is the key to streamlining. Establish set cleaning routines for each area, so that workers know exactly what to do. Regularly review and update these processes to find new ways to increase efficiency.

Invest in Quality Products

Using low-quality cleaning products is not only wasteful, but it also requires more effort from your staff in order to get the job done properly. Invest in quality vacuum cleaners, mops, and other supplies that will help your employees clean more quickly and effectively. ICS Cleans’ recommendation for the highest quality equipment is Nilfisk-Advance, which provides our consumers the best manufactured equipment, at competitive prices. 

Train Your Employees Properly

Make sure your employees receive proper training on how to use cleaning equipment correctly, as well as how to carry out different tasks safely and efficiently. Providing refresher training every now and then will also ensure they don’t get too complacent with their work. Our clients can also utilize our Online Training Platform which guides users through proper cleaning practices, floor care maintenance and more. 

Find the Right Cleaning Tools & Equipment

Finding the right cleaning tools & equipment can make all the difference when it comes to labor costs. Investing in good quality cleaning equipment that is designed specifically for the job can help you save time and money.

Our Conclusion

Sustainable cleaning practices are not only good for the environment and for peoples’ health, but they also save your business time and money. When you use efficient, sustainable procedures and products, you reduce labor costs and improve overall productivity. Our goal as a company is to teach all our consumers the proper practices and knowledge to boost productivity and efficiency. By distributing the highest quality products and equipment this allows us to support our clients at the highest level possible.

Spending more up front on the right materials and training your staff to use them effectively will save you time and money in the future. By utilizing ICS Cleans’ virtual training course, our clients will rest assure all their cleaning staff have the highest education and best cleaning practices to be effective and save on labor costs.

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