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Choosing Recycled Fiber: Boost Your Eco-Credentials by Choosing Responsibly Manufactured Paper Towels & Toilet Tissues

Published February 28, 2023




Do you want to boost your eco-credentials and make a difference in the environment? The easiest way to start doing that is by switching out your standard paper towels or toilet tissue for recycled fiber ones. Recycled fiber paper towels and toilet tissue are made from post-consumer waste paper, such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard, or office paper. This means that instead of cutting down trees to make virgin fiber products, you can use materials that already exist. This not only reduces energy use but also helps reduce waste going into landfills.

Using recycled fiber products is also a cost-effective way to reduce your environmental impact. Recycled fiber products are often significantly cheaper than their virgin counterparts, making them an excellent option for businesses looking to save money while being more sustainable.

ICS Clean offers a wide variety of toilet tissue and paper towel products that have been manufactured with 100% recycled fibers making them an efficient use of resources.

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The Environmental Impact of Virgin Fiber Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue

As a consumer, you may not always think about the environmental implications of the products you purchase. However, when it comes to paper towels and toilet tissue, a lot of common brands are made from virgin fiber. This means that the trees used to make them had to be cut down in order to do so. But unsustainably sourced wood isn’t the only issue with these products. On top of their damaging impact on forests, manufacturing them also has serious consequences for air pollution. According to a 2018 report by the Environmental Paper Network, paper production has long been one of the most polluting industries in the world and paper production causes more than 1 million tons of air pollution every year. This has become a major factor in choosing the manufacturing streams and brands we choose to distribute to our customers. ICS Clean as a company has partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the production of recycled fiber products such as Essity, Kimberly Clarke and Ralston.

Choosing recycled fiber paper towels and toilet tissue instead is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint and make a positive contribution to our planet without sacrificing quality or convenience. ICS Clean has been able to implement its own sustainability initiative report that breaks down our product specifications for all our customers to ensure transparency is met for our consumers. 

The Benefits of Choosing Recycled Fiber Paper Towels or Toilet Tissue from ICS Clean

When you choose recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue with ICS Clean, you are giving a second life to post-consumer waste. This helps reduce the need to cut down trees and use energy-intensive processes to turn virgin pulp into paper products. It also reduces the amount of waste that otherwise goes to landfill and contributes to climate change.

For you, this means that it is easy to boost your eco-credentials without compromising on quality. Recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue are as durable and absorbent as those made from virgin fibers. Plus, they use fewer trees, less water, and less energy in production, all while being offered at competitive prices.

In fact, using recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue is a simple switch for households looking for more sustainable solutions when it comes to cleaning up messes. Plus, making the switch with ICS Clean is easy and simple as these products are continuously available for purchase through our distribution centers in Burnaby and Kamloops. You can simply view the products here, and send us a quotation request.

How to Identify Recycled Fiber Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue

When shopping for paper towels and toilet tissue, it can be hard to tell which products are made with recycled fiber. To make sure you are making an eco-friendly choice, look for products that have the following markings:

Recycled Material Symbol: 

The best way to know if a product has been made from recycled materials is by looking for the Recycled Material symbol. This symbol looks like a triangle with arrows inside of it, and indicates how much of material used to create the product has been recycled or is recyclable.

Percentage of Recycled Content:

Products may also list the amount of recycled content that has gone into their production. The higher the number, the more eco-friendly the product is! For example, products that contain 100% recycled fiber are more sustainable than those with 10%.

Post-Consumer Fiber Content

You may also spot a label that indicates how much of a products material includes post-consumer fiber. Post-consumer content refers to paper material that has already been used and would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Choosing products with high post-consumer fiber content can help you boost your companies sustainability credentials even further!

The products ICS Clean recommends to our customers to achieve your eco-credential goals are below:

1: Paper Towel With Recycled Fibers 

2. Toilet Tissue With Recycled Fibers 

Waste Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Advantages of Recycled Fiber Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue

Choosing a product from ICS Clean made with recycled fiber offers a range of advantages to your janitorial supply business over traditional virgin fiber products. When you choose recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue, you are directly contributing to waste reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation efforts.

Recycled fiber cuts resource use in three key ways:

  1. Waste Reduction – Using post-consumer waste such as worn-out clothes and newspapers as the raw material for recycled fiber means that fewer trees are logged for virgin fiber paper products. This reduces deforestation and helps preserve our natural resources for future generations.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Due to the fact that it is made from used materials, recycled fiber requires less energy to produce than virgin fibers do. This helps reduce overall energy consumption and has a positive impact on the environment.
  3. Water Conservation – Recycled fiber uses much less water during its production process than virgin fibers do, cutting down on water levels being used in manufacturing and preserving it for other important elements of society, such as drinking and farming.

By switching to recycled fibers in your janitorial supplies, you can make sure that your business is doing its part in reducing resource use and helping create a more sustainable world.

Cost-Saving Advantages of Using Recycled Fiber Paper Towels or Toilet Tissue

Making the switch to recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue offers many cost-saving advantages; here are some of our recommendations to our consumers.

Cost Savings

Recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue offer significant cost savings when compared to their virgin counterparts. This is because the process of producing recycled paper products requires fewer resources and energy than creating virgin products. As a result, recycled paper products are cheaper to produce, meaning that they can be sold at a much lower price point.

Longer Lasting

Recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue last longer than traditional single-use items, reducing the need for janitorial staff to replace supplies as frequently. As an added benefit, due to the increased durability of these products, they can also be used multiple times before needing to be replaced.

Bulk Purchasing

Because of their affordability and longer lasting nature, recycled fiber paper towels or toilet tissue can be purchased in bulk which further reduces costs and ensures that you always have an ample supply on hand. Additionally, with fewer refills needed over time, you’ll see a decrease in time spent stocking supplies.

ICS Clean Conclusion

Choosing recycled-fiber paper towels or toilet tissue is not only the eco-friendly choice, but it can also save your business both time and money. Virgin fiber paper products use wood pulp as its raw material, requiring more energy and resources in production. On the other hand, recycled fiber paper is made mostly of pre-consumer waste, meaning it has less of an environmental impact while providing excellent absorbency.

Using recycled-fiber paper products can make a positive impact on your companies sustainability initiatives and bottom line. By making the switch to ICS Cleans’ range of recycled fiber products, you can show your commitment to supporting the environment while saving money and time in the process.

Contact us now to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives to help guide you to the right product for your company!